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Kayak and Canoeing Kauai
Wailua River Courtesy of Kayak KauaiHanalei River Courtesy
        of Kayak KauaiWailua
        Courtesy of Kayak KauaiNa Pali Kayak Courtesy of Kayak Kauai
Since 1997, has provided visitors, as well as local residents with information about Kauai, whether it is booking just one activity or complete vacation itineraries before your arrival or while you are on island. There are no fees for our services. We promote reputable and experienced vendors on Kauai who over the years have received wonderful feedback. Our service offers honest ratings from a local's perspective, taking into consideration the feedback we've received, ultimately giving you the special attention you deserve. Mahalo Nui Loa
Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer: (808) 652-9417 for any activity reservations. Mahalo

Visit the All Links page below to review ALL the most current Kauai Activity Vendor Rates and Offerings along with Free Island Info.

Go Here for: Kauai Kayak Rentals

Imagine a day peacefully paddling down a calm serene river with not a care in the world. Kauai has four peaceful rivers that you are allowed to kayak through.

Ocean kayaking is also possible on both ends of the island defined by seasonal ocean conditions.

You may rent a variety of craft but the most common used by our visitors and locals are the rigid single or double self bailing kayaks. A few vendors rent aluminum type canoes but they are not as stable and fill with water if tipped. There are multitudes of rental outfits, as well as a full range of prices. Your choice will be dependent on whether you want the ease of not having to haul it to your destination and haul it back after a long fun day! See below almost to the end of this page if your interest is for renting Kayaks only.

The Wailua River is the most popular river due to its central location. It is an adventure well suited for the entire family, as well as a single visitor. The scenery is magnificent; there is a waterfall that you can hike to if you wish, and a rope swing along the way. Most rentals will provide you a cooler and a good map, but you must provide the ice, drink, and sandwiches. It can be a relaxing way to spend a day on your vacation. The Wailua River is 5 miles round trip and will take you about 2.5 hours even adding a few stops for hiking.

The Hanalei River on the north shore is the longest river. Recently named an American Heritage River is a bit quieter. It will take you about 3 to 3.5 hours and is 7.5 miles round trip. The waterfalls are spectacular after a heavy rain.

The Huleia River in Lihue is 5 miles round trip and will take you about 2 hours to paddle. The water flow is not great and you will find the water to be more swamp like. The vegetation is quite thick. You will pass the Menehune Fishpond. It is on this river that a scene from Raider's of the Lost Ark was filmed. The river does travel through a wildlife refuge. The paddle back will be against the wind. This is probably why there is a guided tour up the river that picks you up by van, so you don't have to paddle back.

The Kalihiwai River is the shortest adventure and for many visitors just perfect. You can paddle this one in just one hour. If you decide to hike to the Kalihiwai Falls, it will take a bit longer. Be aware that the falls is located on leased land and this may be a problem.  Best recommendation here is to book a Jungle Valley Adventure.

Wailua River Courtesy
                  of Kayak KauaiWailua Swim Courtesy of Kayak
                  KauaiWailua Courtesy of Kayak Kauai
5 hour Sacred Falls Waterfall Adventure • Wailua River

Book Sacred Falls Here: Kayak Kauai
Kayak Kauai
3-5971 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746
Summer Hours
Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Call: 808-826-9844
Toll free: 888-596-3853
Fax: 866-748-1272
Runs twice daily Monday through Saturday, check-ins at 7:45 am & 12:15 am at our vendor's Kapaa Shop.
Check their Website directly for the most current rates or call them directly today. 
Your sandwich preferences are:  turkey, ham, roast beef salami, or veggie.  You may indicate your sandwich preference when booking your tour in advance.  * Please note that there are 4 other vendors who have acquired permits for this identical tour, if you have a particular vendor you wish to go with, please let me know. There is also a popular vendor right in the Poipu area that also offers this event and  may be more convenient for you to check in there and ride up in a van with them. (Rates subject to change without notice, go directly to their website to find the most udpated rates.) Mahalo
5-hour Blue Lagoon Tour Extravaganza (No Sundays)
Blue Lagoon
                          Courtesy of Kayak KauaiHanalei River Courtesy of Kayak Kauai
Book Blue Lagoon Here: Kayak Kauai
Kayak Kauai
3-5971 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746
Summer Hours
Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Call: 808-826-9844
Toll free: 888-596-3853
Fax: 866-748-1272
A 5-hour guided paddle, surf, and snorkel tour ...departing from the Hanalei River & Bay...and exploring the off shore reefs, coastal caves, shores, streams, and in shore waters of Hanalei Bay. You have a choice of single or double kayaks.  Deli Lunches are included. 
Check their Website directly for the most current rates or call them directly today. 
Departing from our dock on the Heritage river of Hanalei, we paddle down the calm idyllic and scenic Hanalei river out to Hanalei Bay with magnificent panoramic views to the west of Makana Peak (better known as Bali Hai) and to the south , views of the fluted ridges of Namolokama, Mamalahoa, and Hihimanu peak, which lie like silent sentinels whose waterfalls, drop gourds of water into the verdant valley of Wai'oli, which lies behind the town of Hanalei. As you paddle out the Hanalei river mouth you will pass the historic Hanalei Pier, so important to the early agricultural economy of the North Shore.

You can paddle west along the perimeter of the sandy shores of Hanalei Bay or across the bay and explore the sea stack and little known sea caves between Wai'Koko and the beautiful cove of Lumahai. If sea conditions allow, a little further around the corner, we can land at the classic beach/cove of Lumahai made famous in the movie, South Pacific.

Given time or inclination, we can also/instead venture to the East and paddle towards Ani'ni and land at the picturesque sandy beach of Hideaways, for some great snorkeling or surf kayaking off shore. 

You often see sea turtles and dolphins accompanied often by the avian antics of such birds as the Boobie and Layson Albatrosses. Shore birds and river birds such as the Wandering Tattler, Gallinule and Black Capped night heron are often seen. 

With lunch included you have time to do it all: from blue water paddling to snorkeling, bird watching, beach combing, exploring some tide pools and caves, ...all during a memorable day of sea kayaking. 

Wailua Waterfall Kayak
Paddle. Hike. Experience. Wailua River State Park is a lush jungle river famed for gorgeous scenery and history-rich past • Kayak 4 miles r/t,
and 2 ½ mile r/t nature walk to swim and picnic at 100’ Uluwehi Falls • Hearty picnic lunch and drinks incl • Moderately strenuous 7hr tour • Waterproof backpack provided • $108 adults / $88 kids age 5-14

Hidden Valley Falls Kayak Adventure
Paddle. Explore. Cruise. A fun half-day adventure perfect for kayakers of all ages and abilities • 2 mile Hule’ia River NWR downwind
kayak trip • 1 mile r/t jungle walk to swimming hole with rope swing • Picnic lunch (incl) at small cascading waterfalls • Return by motorized canoe • 5 hr tour • $118 adult / $98 kids age 3-14 • Toddlers welcome
Na Pali Sea Kayak Adventure
Paddle. Explore. Discover. An unforgettable day of wonder along a breathtaking wilderness coastline. This is real adventure kayaking.
• 17 miles paddling • One-way trip- circle Kauai by van and kayak in about 12 hours • Tandem open-top kayaks with rudders • Beach landing for picnic lunch (provided) at Miloli’i (mile 13) • Not for those prone to seasickness • Runs May 15-Sept 15 • 15 yrs min. age• $238 adults

Poipu Whalewatch Sea Kayak
Paddle. Snorkel. Marvel. A day of discovery on Kauai’s rugged southern shoreline • 8 mile downwind paddle from Poipu to Port Allen • Watch for
turtles, dolphin, and humpback whales (seasonal) • 2 landings at secluded beaches • Coffee, banana bread, lunch, and beverages incl • Optional snorkel (equipt not provided) and bodysurf • 8 hour tour • Runs Sept 15- May 15 • $158 adult / $128 kids age 12-14

Click Here to Check Availability and Reserve your Kalapaki Canoe Surfing Today
Courtesy of
                  Island Adventures
Paddle and surf Kalapaki Bay with an expert waterman skilled in the sport of traditional canoe surfing.
America's Best-The
                  Adventure 100 - Courtesy of Kayak KauaiNa Pali Sea Cave Kayak AdventuresNa Pali Kayak Courtesy of
                  Kayak Kauai
Check their Website directly for the most current rates or call them directly today. 

Book Na Pali Sea Adventure Here: Kayak Kauai
Kayak Kauai
3-5971 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746
Summer Hours
Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Call: 808-826-9844
Toll free: 888-596-3853
Fax: 866-748-1272
This will be a long, impressive day of warm coastal paddling and caving along the monumental Na Pali Coast with your island guide(s). Marvel at sea caves. plunging waterfalls, hanging valleys and secluded beaches. Paddle beyond the verdant valley of Kalalau, past the arches of Honopu, and into the azure waters of a volcanic sea cave. Encounter Dolphins, Tropic Birds and upon occasion, the elusive Monk Seal. Later, pulling ashore, we'll spend a few hours stopping to rest and have lunch on the quiet beach of Miloli'i. At Miloli'i we can swim, beach comb, and visit an old Hawaiian fishing heiau (fishing shrine). Polihale State Park, where the cliffs meet the sand dunes, is our final destination. After a refreshing shower, a van awaits, ready to whisk you back to Hanalei around 7:30 p.m., with your memories of the cliffs and warm sea.
Sea Kayak Po'ipu-Winter Whale Watch
Check their Website directly for the most current rates or call them directly today. 

Book Winter Whale Watch Here: Kayak Kauai
Kayak Kauai
3-5971 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746
Summer Hours
Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Call: 808-826-9844
Toll free: 888-596-3853
Fax: 866-748-1272
During the winter when high surf conditions prevail on the north shores, this gently rolling coast becomes a favorite for sea kayakers. You'll paddle
the same canoe paths of old taken by early Polynesians and whaling captains. We will begin the day's journey on the Golden coast of Kaua'i at Po'ipu and paddle west along the rugged and scenic shoreline that is home to the Spouting Horn, the remote Lawai Valley, the unusual Nomilo Pond, and the cove of Wahi'awa. Winter is the season for Humpback Whales and often the highlight of the voyage. After their long journey from Alaska each year, these gentle giants delight themselves in the warm Hawaiian waters for a season of birding and frolicking. Delight yourself likewise, as these whales breach before you , or more likely spot spinning dolphins, flying fish, and sea turtles. With luck we sometimes see the endangered Monk Seal in the water or a sunny beach. Bird watch for Boobies, Frigate , and Tropic birds from your cockpit. Get wet and snorkel off one of Kauai's finest shores, where the sea and bird life compliments a day of splendid paddling. When the Humpback whales are back we do less snorkeling and more whale spotting. At day's end we will have you back to your hotel or Kapa'a by late afternoon. For paddling speed, ease, comfort, and safety, we use solely "sit-on-top" two person plastic sea kayaks with foot controlled rudders and equipped with comfortable and ample back rests that offers good back support.
Camping Equipment Rentals with Kayak Kauai
Na Pali Coast
                          Courtesy of Kayak KauaiOcean Rental Info
                          Courtesy of Kayak Kauai
Website for Rental rates: Kayak Kauai Rentals
Kayak Kauai
3-5971 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa, HI 96746
Summer Hours
Mon – Sat 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Call: 808-826-9844
Toll free: 888-596-3853
Fax: 866-748-1272
Kalalau Trail Shuttle from Hanalei
 Click here for: Kalalau Trail Shuttle and Camping gear Rentals
Camping Equipment Rentals and trail Shuttle
Note: There is a two person minimum with shuttles 
Go to their website above for updated rental rates.
Car/Vehicle Storage 
Luggage Storage (50 lbs or less) 
Luggage Storage (50 lbs or more ) 
Drop Off: Shuttle to trail head of Na Pali Coast Trail 
Pick Up: Shuttle from trail head of Na Pali Coast Trail
Camping Equipment Rentals
(rentals are for 24 hours from the time of pick up)
Day Packs
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad & Dry Bag
Cooking Stove & Cooler (soft pac
Tent (REI 2 person backpacking)
Suggestions on What to Bring for All Kayaking Events
Bathing suit or shorts, sunscreen & sunglasses, bug spray (just in case), a light t-shirt, towel, & a change of clothes back at your car.   For tours that include hiking:  reef walkers are sometimes required by certain vendors & they generally have them at their locations for sale, otherwise old tennis shoes or teva type sandals (other suggestions: tabis, water socks) are sufficient.  For the Na Pali Sea adventures, a parka (windbreaker is a good idea).  If you are renting kayaks, pack along some ice, snack or light lunch, & drinks.  Waterproof disposable cameras are also wise.
When on Kauai, call (808) 245-3564 for a easy update from the National Weather Forecast at Lihue Airport
Many popular activities are sold out days, weeks, or very often months in advance year around. Mahalo Nui Loa ... There are NO added fees & No Deposits required for booking assistance. If you wish to phone (808 821-1000) me directly, the current time in Hawaii is displayed below, along with the current Kauai temperature.
Click for Lihue, Hawaii Forecast Current Kauai Time & Temperature
Cancellation Policies for most vendors &  24 - 48 hours (up to 5 bookings - may vary per vendor), 72 hours (6 or more bookings, and 7 days (10 or more bookings) prior to check-in time.  The policy is in place to protect you in the event that a reservation needs to be canceled or altered. Please note that you must alert the vendors within these cancel windows in advance should you need to cancel or alter your dates, otherwise you may be charged 100% if you no show. Your payment will be made at the time of check-in to any activity, unless you are gifting a friend or wish to make payment in advance. Privacy Notice

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