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                  Courtesy of Curt and Bonnie Lofstedt
Island Helicopters has been providing deluxe helicopter tours from the Lihue Airport longer than any company in the state, over 30 years. They are one the oldest helicopter companies in Hawaii, started on Kauai in 1980 by Curt and Bonnie Lofstedt. Their company is unique and are the only Kauai owned and operated helicopter company with the owner still flying tours. Curt Lofstedt has been flying helicopter tours on Kauai for over 37 years and he has created the most personalized tour for the independent traveler, families and groups of any size.. He has over 28,000 accident free hours of helicopter flight time, and he personally selects and trains highly qualified professional pilots. All of their pilots reside, with their families, on Kauai. Island Helicopters is a F.A.A. Part 135 Certified Air Carrier and all of their pilots have excellent safety records. They have two full time mechanics on station. They fly the newest Astars on Kauai and they provide the best viewing opportunity with their custom ceiling to door glass doors and windows. It is like flying without doors, but in a quiet and safe climate controlled environment. The safety, comfort, and satisfaction of each customer are their main concerns.
Jurassic Falls Landing Adventure 
This premiere tour offers everything in their Signature Deluxe Tour PLUS approximately 25 minutes on the ground. Discover Kauai's gem, the "Jurassic" Maunawaiopuna waterfalls! Currently not availabl on Sundays or Thursdays. Advance reservations are highly recommended.
Regular Published Rate $368 per seat (plus $52 pp Airport Surcharge)
Special  ... ($269 + Airport Surcharge = $321) effective 5/16/2013 
Rates are subject to change without notice. Mahalo for your kind understanding.
Total Flight Time is Approximately 75 minutes.
Call or Text Jennifer at 808 652-9417
Call for availability on Kauai Helicopter tours today!
All Waterfall Iages
                  Courtesy of Curt and Bonnie Lofstedt
Kauai's most scenic sight seeing tour begins at the Lihue Airport. As your helicopter gently liftoff from Lihue Airport, you’ll have an aerial view of the Kauai Marriott, Nawiliwili Harbor, and the Menehune Fish Pond. You’ll proceed south over the Hoary Head Mountain, where you will see Kipu Ranch, Kilohana Crater, and The Tree Tunnel.

The Hanapepe Valley opens up with its many waterfalls and dense tropical forests. Many of you will recognize Manawaiopuna Falls as this was the primary background for Spielberg's “Jurassic Park”. You’ll will slowly descend to a landing area near the base of the waterfalls where the pilot will shut down the helicopter and everyone will exit the aircraft. Once you reach the base of the waterfall, there will be time to take pictures and enjoy this opportunity. You will return back to the helicopter for take off and continue on with remainder of the 50-60 minute “Kauai Grand” deluxe helicopter tour. Before the Canyons appear, you cross over the Robinson’s property and view their private Island of Niihau in the distance.

The Olokele Canyon seldom seen, except by air, is fabulous. Next to the Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", unfolds before us. Waialae Falls cascading down over 3000 feet in different sections, and the Alakai Swamp, the highest tropical swamp land in the world, will unfold. On to the spectacular and isolated Na Pali Coast. A very detailed look at the beautiful valleys & beaches, most of which are accessible only by air the majority of the year and have also been the backdrop for such movies as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “King Kong”. Nualolo Aina, better known as "The Valley of the Lost Tribe" is one of the most pristine valleys along the Na Pali Coast. Bali Hai Cliffs seen in the classic movie "South Pacific" passes us by as you continue. Several homes of celebrities and filming locations are pointed out before flying by Lumahai Beach. This was Nurses Beach in the movie "South Pacific".

You will then pass by Hanalei Bay, Princeville, and on to the lush Hanalei Valley. Ahead is the majestic Mt. Waialeale Crater, one of the wettest spots on Earth. Before you land at the Lihue Airport, you’ll pass by Wailua Falls, better known as the Fantasy Island Water Falls. Both Mt. Waialeale Crater and Wailua Falls can only be viewed, weather permitting.

Their sightseeing tour will cover all these areas plus much more. Routes may vary due to adverse weather systems or weather conditions. Comfortable Bose X noise cancelling stereo avionic stereo headsets are provided for a live narration by our highly qualified commercial helicopter pilot. Gentle music choreographed to the tour enhances your flight. Tour includes one complimentary screen saver, one per couple.

With over 37 years filming experience, Curt has an unparalleled reputation in the movie and television industry. From Raiders of the Lost Art, King Kong, Jurassic Park, Six Days/Seven Nights, George of the Jungle, to Dinosaur, Dragony and Tropic Thunder, Curt’s expertise in finding just the right location or piloting the camera helicopter is unmatched. Their company is small by choice, but their standards are the highest. They have created a superior tour to capture the true essence of Kauai. Only a helicopter tour can give you up close and personal views of many of Kauai’s scenic areas such as Mt. Waialeale Crater.With the introduction of their new EXCLUSIVE WATERFALL LANDING, Island Helicopters will be the only helicopter company permitted to land at Manawaiopuna Falls (better known as “Jurassic Falls”). The addition of this newest tour will allow visitors and residents alike the opportunity to experience the incredible beauty and force of this isolated 350' waterfall which is located on private land deep in Hanapepe Valley. After landing near the base of the waterfall, your pilot will guide you along an existing trail and foot bridge to the front of the waterfall where you will have the chance to take photos or just enjoy the experience. You will then be guided back to the aircraft and once you have lifted o the ground, you will resume their “Kauai Grand” 50-60 minute deluxe helicopter tour. The length of this tour is approximately 75-85 minutes. Seating is limited daily and advance reservations are required.

Signature Deluxe Tour 
Approximately  50-60 MinutesCircles the Island of Kauai. This tour covers all the major scenic areas such as the Jurassic Falls (No Landing), Olokele Canyon, Waimea Canyon, Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast, Mt. Waialeale Crater and much more!
Regular Published Rate $266.00 per seat (plus $30 pp Airport Surcharge)
Special ($199.50 + Airport Surcharge = $229.50)
Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer about Private Helicopter Tours: (808) 652-9417

Jack Harter Helicopters
1 Hughes and 2 AStars Courtesy of Casey
HISTORY:  In 1962, Jack Harter brought the first helicopter to Kauai and began offering scenic tours and charter flights of Kauai’s interior and rugged coastlines.  Many visitors flew with Jack from the Kauai Surf Hotel where he had a heliport for many years. In the mid 1980s, the Surf closed and so did the heliport. Since that time, flight operations have been located at the Lihue Heliport. Just prior to the year 2000, Jack decided to hand the piloting responsibilities over to his hand-picked pilots who carry on Jack’s traditions of offering the finest scenic tours available to Kauai’s visitors and residents.

Each tour flown by our pilots is a smooth magic carpet ride over what is arguably the most scenic island in the world. The beauty of Kauai’s scenery is the focus of the tour and the experience is enhanced by the pilot’s narration given during the tour. Passengers receive information about Kauai’s history, geology, native ecosystems and legends which provides them with an understanding of how unique and special Kauai really is.  Their tours are often compared to programs on the Discovery Channel.

Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer: (808) 652-9417 

60-65 Minute Tour Price: 
AStar $219.00 + $30 =  $249 pp
Hughes 500 $239.00 + $30 = $269 pp
$30 pp (Fuel Surcharge)

90-95 Minute Tour Price: 
$364.00 + $45 = $404 pp
$45 (Fuel Surcharge) 

Hughes Tips

  • Bring a Jacket or sweater.
  • Wear long pants & secure footwear
  • No loose objects permitted
  • AS350 AStar Features:
    Hughes 500 Helicopter Features:
    Weight Limits: 
     General: 250 pounds per person and 400 pounds for a couple. 
     AStar Front Seats:  Combined passenger weight = 339 pounds
     Hughes 500 Front Center Seat: 150 pounds 

    The Most Luxurious & Comfortable Tour Experience
      HUGHES 500E

      The thrilling excitement of a DOORS-OFF flight!
    Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
    Eco-Star Courtesy of Blue HawaiianA premiere helicopter tour company in Hawaii with a unique blend of cultural excursions to some of Hawaii's most remote and breathtakingly beautiful places on Earth. Remote waterfalls ... velvet green valleys ... ancient cinder cones ... pristine mountain pools ... Hawaiian legends ... Escape into the hidden beauty of Kauai with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. 

    Kauai ECO Adventure:
    Helicopter:  ECO-Star
    Price:  $225.97 with tax & fees ($451.94 per couple)

    Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer: (808) 652-9417

    Fares listed are per person.
    Tour routes may vary due to wind and weather conditions.

    Duration:  50 minutesDepartures daily, year-round, except December 25th. 
    Inclusions: Tour narration by pilots who are State of Hawaii Certified Tour Guides
    Landing fees - if any.Fuel truck deployment - if needed.Parking fees - if any.Transportation to/from the heliport.

    Actual video of tour (available for purchase for $25.00 DVD). 
    Join them on a first-class ECO Adventure over the Garden Isle of Kauai. You'll fly the incredible new American Eurocopter ECO-Star, which reduces overflight noise by approximately 50%. This state-of-the-art marvel also gives you 23% more interior room, individual Business Class style seats, two-way communication with your pilot, and expansive glass for outstanding sweeping views of Kauai's incomparable natural beauty. Your journey begins with a flight to spectacular Hanapepe Valley, then continues on to Mana Waiapuna, commonly referred to as “Jurassic Park Falls.” Next its up the Olokele Canyon before moving on to eye-popping Waimea Canyon, the famed “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Then, the sculptural masterpiece of the Na Pali Coast gives way to the Bali Hai Cliffs, and the pristine blue waters of Hanalei Bay and the Princeville Resort area. Finally, weather permitting, the crowning glory of the Garden Isle: Mt Waialeale, the wettest spot on earth, with an average rainfall of 450-500 inches annually! Flying into the center of the crater with its 5000-foot walls towering above and its 3000-foot waterfalls surrounding you, is a truly awe-inspiring finish to your ECO Adventure over the Garden Isle.

    Eco-Star vs A-Star ...
    Eco-Star image Courtesy of Blue HawaiianA-Star image Courtesy of Blue Hawaiian

    ECO-Star and A-Star Comparison 
    Since the late 1980s, the American Eurocopter “A-Star” has been the tour helicopter of choice for professional tour operations worldwide. In Hawaii it is the industry standard – favored by all the top helicopter tour companies for its open cabin design that affords a 180º sweeping view for each passenger.

    This feature has been further enhanced in the revolutionary new American Eurocopter “ECO-Star” – the first touring helicopter of the 21st Century. But that's just the beginning. Passenger comfort, interior space, and engineering have all been raised to state-of-the-art levels. Blue Hawaiian is the first helicopter tour company in the world to introduce the incredible new ECO-Star, plus they continue to proudly fly their superb fleet of A-Stars.

    Na Pali Coast Courtesy of Blue HawaiianWailua Falls Courtesy of Blue HawaiianWaimea Camyon Courtesy of Blue Hawaiian
    If you could do only one activity on Kauai, this would be your ideal choice and a memory of a lifetime. The spectacular views from above are a treat for our visitors, as well as our kamaainas (locals) who've lived here all their lives.  Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, revered by many as the most beautiful place on earth. You will marvel at the rugged beauty of the Na Pali Coast, the Waimea Canyon, and Mt. Waialeale (the wettest spot on earth). The Garden Island truly captures the meaning of paradise with its multitude of waterfalls, rainbows, a cathedral of sheer Na Pali cliffsides, and more beaches than any other island.

    Call or Text Jennifer at 808 652-9417 for availability on Kauai Helicopter tours today!

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