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When on Kauai, call (808) 245-3564 for a easy update from the National Weather Forecast at Lihue Airport
Hanalei Pier Walk photo by Lilikoi
        6-4-04Hanalei Beach Walk photo by Lilikoi 6-4-04Hanalei Bay Surf photo by
        Lilikoi 6-4-04Hanalei Beach Walk photo by Lilikoi 6-4-04

Lydgate Beach ParkKealia Beach Walk 5-26-04Kealia Beach Walk
        photo by Deborah Dubois Walker ~ 5-26-04Lydgate Beach
Enjoy your time on the Garden Island, be alert and patient on our roads and hope this web page has helped you build beautiful memories.
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Courtesy of Kauai Beach Explorer... your INDISPENSABLE guide to Kaua'i Beaches ... keeping you SAFE while you are here! Click on the KBE image Link to go to the most comprehensive Beach/Ocean Safety website for the Garden Island.

Kauai is one of the oldest island in the Hawaiian Islands and it is blessed with more sandy beaches per mile of shoreline than any other. (My apologies for having so many photos displayed of Hanalei Bay area and Lydgate ... just getting back into photographing on my walks with my best friend ... there is more to come.  I realize the images are tiny but you will appreciate me saving you from the agony of a lengthy load time.)  Enjoy the beauty of the Garden Island.

"Kauai is geologically the most mature of the main Hawaiian Islands with extensive development of broad, lush erosional valleys and coastal features such as fringing coral/algal reefs and sandy beaches. Spectacular Waimea Canyon, at over 2500 feet deep, is Hawaii's largest erosional valley. Nearly 50% of Kauai's 111 miles of coastline are lined with beautiful beaches, derived mainly from wave erosion of reef producing coral and algae. Only about one-third of Oahu's coastline consists of beaches."  Geological facts courtesy of TEOK Investigations & Kauai Nature Tours.

Hanalei Pier
                  photo by of Deborah Dubois Walker 6-14-04Hanalei Beach Walk photo by Lilikoi 6-4-04Hanalei Bay Cloud
                  Reflection photo by Deborah Dubois Walker 6-4-04Hanalei Beach Walk photo by Lilikoi 6-4-04
Have fun and enjoy Kauai's magnificent beaches and shoreline. Be aware though, that many beaches can be extremely dangerous, particularly during the winter months. Before planning a beach adventure, check out the weather by radio, T.V. , or your resort may post it daily.

You can do a daily check of the surf conditions by calling 246-4441, selection option #9800. Also, check with the lifeguards and beach attendants for local conditions.  The report is for Oahu but is very similar to Kauai's forecast.

  • Always swim or snorkel with companions. Share the experience.
  • Before entering the water, check for any warning signs indicating hazardous conditions, and observe the water, looking for rip currents, shore breaking waves, and rocky areas.
  • Avoid swimming during high surf conditions.
  • If you are ever caught in an undertow or rip tide, keep calm; don’t try to swim against it. Relax; drift with the current until it weakens then swim ashore.
  • Always apply an effective sunscreen before you arrive at the beach, and don't forget to reapply during the day.
  • Never turn your back on the ocean, keep your eye on the waves. Have respect for the strength of the Hawaiian waters. If in doubt, stay out!
Lihue to Haena
                    of Kalapaki Beach Guide, Lihue Resorts and
Kalapaki Beach Guide & Recreation

Kalapaki Beach – is one of Kaua'i's historic surfing sites. It is a long, very wide white sand beach with usually calm conditions. It is a favorite spot for swimming, sunbathing, beginner body boarding, bodysurfing, windsurfing, and canoeing. Like all of Kauai's beaches however, high surf and unpredictable conditions can occasionally occur, check with beach attendants.

Traveling north take Hwy. 50, turn right at the stop light at Kukui Grove Shopping Center onto Hwy. 58 (Nawiliwili Rd.) to Kalapaki Beach. You may park to the left of Anchor Cove Shopping Center, behind JJ’sBroiler. (Approximately 14 miles from Po’ipu or 25-30 minutes drive dependent on traffic and time of day and just 2 miles or 5 minutes from the Lihue Airport).

Lydgate State Beach Park – is named for the Reverend John Lydgate, who was a prominent member of Kauai's community, and a well known civic leader. The Beach Park has something for everyone, swimmers, snorkelers, picnickers, and beachcombers, as well as the Kamalani Playground. The playground is a unique work of art, created by the community at large. Lydgate Beach Park is well known for it's large rock pools that are perfect for children. Fish of all kinds are also attracted to the rock walls of the ponds, making the area one of Kauai's safest and most popular snorkeling sites.

Travel north on Hwy. 56, pass the Wailua Golf Course, turn right on Leho Road, you will see the newly built Sunspree Holiday Inn on your right, parking and showers are available. (Approximately 21 miles from Po’ipu or @ 35-40 minutes drive dependent on traffic and time of day and just 10 miles or 20 minutes from Lihue Airport).

Anini Beach – formerly known as Wanini Beach, on one of the original signs the "W" at the beginning of the word was inadvertently left off or obscured, and never corrected. This beach park offers excellent opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Caution is strongly advised in the winter months, particularly near the channel in the reef at the west end. The reef fringing the area usually provides a safe area for family swimming. Anini is also very popular with wind surfers. There are good facilities here and the Kaua’i Polo Club host polo matches during the summer months, usually on Sundays.

Driving north on route 56, pass Kilauea; turn right at Kalihiwai Road (the northern one, between the 25 & 26 mile markers). Keep left on Anini Road, continue (approximately 2 miles) to camp grounds and public facilities. (Approximately 43 miles from Po’ipu or @ 1 hour & 15 minutes drive dependent on the traffic and time of day and 26 miles or 45 minutes from the Lihue Airport).

Hanalei Bay – A very popular spot for all Kaua’i residents and visitors alike. This beach has been photographed, filmed, sung and written about repeatedly and is considered by some to be the most beautiful spot on earth. Many of the commercial tour companies that cruise the Na Pali coastline have their boats depart from the west side of Kaua’i from the Port Allen Harbor and the Kikiaola Harbor. The wide, sandy beach is perfect for walking and running but the water is usually only good for swimming during the summer months. Hanalei is a favorite surfing spot and during the winter months the shore break makes for very dangerous conditions. There are several areas around the bay that have facilities.

Hanalei Pier photo by
                  Lilikoi 6-4-04Under Hanalei Pier photo by
                  Lilikoi 6-4-04Hanalei Bay Shade photo by
                  Lilikoi 6-4-04
Take route 56 in to Hanalei, take a right turn down Aku Road, and turn either way down Weke Road which leads to the different beach park areas. (Approximately 48 miles from Po’ipu or @ 1 hour and 30 minutes drive dependent on the traffic and the time of day and 35 miles or a little over an hour from the Lihue Airport).

Makua Beach – also known as Tunnels is a large protected lagoon. Makua is usually calm enough for beginning snorkelers, but as always, exercise caution, the currents and surf can be powerful. The beach is popular with surfers in the winter months, but is best known for it's many arches and tunnels in the reef surrounding the lagoon making it an experienced snorkeler and scuba diver's paradise. You'll also see local fishermen, guided zodiac boat tours, and wind surfers. There are no facilities here (showers and toilets).

Take route 56, drive through Hanalei Town, past Charo’s Restaurant, past YMCA Camp. The public access is .5 miles past the 8 mile marker. (Approximately 52 miles from Po’ipu or @ 1 hour and 45 minutes drive dependent on traffic and time of day and 38 miles or 1 hour and 10 minutes from Lihue Airport).

Ke’e Beach – Another of Kauai's well known snorkeling spots, Ke’e Beach is located at the "end of the road" (route 56). Like all our beaches, Ke’e can be treacherous, especially during the winter, but it often provides crystal clear, calm waters perfectly suited to snorkelers, sunbathers, and is a great spot to cool off after hiking. There are spectacular views at the beginning of the 11 mile Kalalau trail along the Na Pali coast.

Driving north on route 56, continue past Haena State Park to the very end of the road. Parking along the side of the road or in area to the right besides showers. Do not leave valuables in your car. (Approximately 54 miles from Po’ipu or @ 2 hour drive dependent on traffic and time of day and 40 miles or 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Lihue Airport).

Baby Monk
                  Seal - Deborah Dubois Walker © 2005PO’IPU TO KEKAHA
Po’ipu Beach Park – This beautiful beach is the main recreational are for the south shore. There are areas of this park suitable for all ages and most ocean activities. Snorkeling can be very good here, and there can be fun waves for beginner body boarding and bodysurfing. Po’ipu Beach is a great place for sun tanning, people watching, and exploring the beach and tide pools.

Head South on Highway 50, to Koloa turnoff, turn left through the Tree Tunnel, and follow directions to Po'ipu Road.  Stay on Po'ipu Road and make a right on Ho’owili Road, continue to Ho’ohe Road, parking by Brenneke’s on the left or behind the beach on the right. (Approximately 30 minutes by car or 14 miles from lihue Airport).

Beach House – also known as Lihue Beach. The snorkeling in front of the Beach house restaurant is great when the water is calm. The beach itself is quite small, and gets even smaller at high tide. There are also several well known surf spots here, so this is also fun as a spectator!

Head South on Highway 50, to Koloa turnoff, turn left through the Tree Tunnel, and follow directions to Po'ipu Road.  Take Lihue Road towards the Spouting Horn. The Beach House is less than a mile along on the left side. There are good facilities available.  Your drive time will be @ 30 minutes from Lihue Airport.

Shipwrecks Beach / Keoneloa Bay – Meaning "long sands", Keoneloa is located in front of the Hyatt Regency in Po’ipu. High surf and rocky floor can make this beach hazardous. It is a favorite body boarding and bodysurfing spot for the local kids. The long, wide white sand beach is excellent for sunbathing, and the short hike up Makawehi Point on the left end of the beach affords some fantastic views of the coastal areas. Take care if you do hike through, the rocky trail can be jagged.

Head South on Highway 50, to Koloa turnoff,  turn left through the Tree Tunnel, and follow directions to Po'ipu Road, stay on Po'ipu Road and go past the entrance to the Hyatt. Turn right down Ainako Road. There is public parking with showers and toilets. As always do not leave valuables in your car. The drive time from the Lihue Airport is @ 30-35 minutes.

Polihale Beach Park – is one of the longest stretches of white sand beaches in the state of Hawaii, and also the widest. This culturally and spiritually significant area was believed by ancient Hawaiians to be a departure point for souls, where they would leave this world for the spirit world. This beach is a
notoriously dangerous one. High surf often pounds the shoreline. The currents can be very treacherous,so avoid swimming and enjoy the view, picnic, walk, and appreciate the spectacular and sacred beauty of Polihale.

Polihale State Park is reached by driving almost to the end of route 50 (Kaumualii Highway). Just before route 50 ends, after the 32 mile mark, a state park sign will mark a left turn onto the dirt cane road. Follow the signs for approximately 5 miles. Be aware that cars can easily get stuck in the sandy dunes, so park carefully. (Approximately 24 miles from Po’ipu or @ 45 minutes drive dependent on traffic and time of day and from Lihue, it will take @ 1 hour and 15 minutes or 36 miles)

Courtesy of Surfrider Foundation ~ Kauai
                    ChapterSurfrider Kauai Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit, coastal environmental organization.

The Surfrider Kauai Chapter is made up of volunteers just like you. If you live or go to the beaches in our area, please contact us, come to our next general meeting, and get involved with our Chapter's activities. Click the image logo above to go to their website that is under construction and will be completely soon.

P.O. Box 1681, Hanalei, HI 96714 

Here are 2 published items that you might want to purchase:
Kauai's Geologic History
                    by Chuck Blay and Robert Siemers (Copyright © 2004)"Kauai's Geologic History" by Chuck Blay & Robert Siemers
ISBN 0-9744723-0-1 Available at Borders Book Store on Kauai 

You may also purchase it directly from Chuck or Robert @ 808 742-8305.  Tell them Lilikoi said Aloha :)

Kauai Visitors Atlas
                    by Robert Siemers"Kaua'i Visitors Atlas" by Robert Siemers
ISBN 0-9744723-1-X Also Available at Borders Book Store on Kauai

You may also purchase it directly from Chuck or Robert @ 808 742-8305.
This is the best map on Kauai that includes Recreational Maps (Beaches, Hiking, Snorkeling, Golf, Camping, & Surfing), Place Names Map, Detailed Road Atlas, Archaeology Map, Geology Map, Climate Maps. and Island Information.  Also includes an Inset Map of Koke'e State Park.  You will be impressed!
Enjoy your time on the Garden Island, be alert and patient on our roads and hope this web page has helped you build beautiful memories.
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