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Since 1997, TryKauai.com has provided visitors, as well as local residents with information about Kauai, whether it is booking just one activity or complete vacation itineraries before your arrival or while you are on island. There are no fees for our services. We promote reputable and experienced vendors on Kauai who over the years have received wonderful feedback. Our service offers honest ratings from a local's perspective, taking into consideration the feedback we've received, ultimately giving you the special attention you deserve. Mahalo Nui Loa
Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer: (808) 652-9417 for any activity reservations. Mahalo
These are excellent events for the entire family and student groups visiting the Garden Island for the first time. Learn about the various tour options below, then visit Kauai Nature Tours web site for current details & offerings. Simply click on their TEOK Investigations Logo to book your event directly with Chuck Blay. 
Kauai Nature Tours offers educational excursions to many unique areas on the garden island. Their tours offer the opportunity to get intimate with the amazing environments on this isolated mountain island. All tours are led by knowledgeable guides with outdoor experience in the Hawaiian Islands and your specific hiking location. You will journey to the trail-head by a 12-passenger van, receive a delicious lunch, snacks, refreshments, bottled water and additional hiking gear like a backpack. Hikes emphasize safety and education; however, the trips always turn out to be adventures in nature as well.
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Waimea Canyon Explorer ~ Mountain Forest Explorer
Take a walk into Kauai's geologic past and experience Mark Twain's "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".
Behold what the first people to these islands saw in the upland forests of Kokee - tall Ohia trees twisting through mists into the sky, adorned with their scarlet lehua blossoms - scores of koa trees, with their sickle-shaped phyllodes dangling from branch tips. Emerge at Waimea Canyon’s rim to stunning iron-rich, red cliffs that plunge 2,500 feet to where the Waimea River winds its way to the sea along a 12-mile long chasm. Your naturalist guide explains it all to you - the geology of Kauai, the plate tectonic history of the entire Hawaiian archipelago, botanical history, cultural sites, Hawaiian myths and more. Dine al fresco in a secluded spot with a panorama on one hand of the Alakai Swamp - a flat, mountain-top bog - and on the other, a postcard picture perfect Waimea Canyon view.
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
This is a moderate 5.5 mile loop hike that gains and loses 400 - 800 feet in elevation as it goes down and up through cloud forests to the canyon rim.  It is mostly sunny, but can be wet.  The trail is dirt with some rocks and tree roots. Tour leaves Poipu at 9:00 am and returns by 5:00 pm. The 5-mile loop trail gains 400-800 feet of elevation as it goes up and down through cloud forests to the canyon rim. Includes a healthy picnic lunch, bottled water, snacks, and fruit. Day-packs are provided if needed. 
Kee Beach Courtesy
                  of TEOKNa Pali Hikers Courtesy of TEOKHanakapiai Falls
                  Courtesy of TEOKHanakapiai Beach
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Na Pali Hiking Adventure
Two miles into Hanakapiai Valley along the unforgettably scenic trail originally built by Kauai's early Polynesian settlers.
Prepare for a visual feast of soaring, jungly-green pinnacles rising from black lava cliffs, all backdropped by sapphire, teal or turquoise seas, depending on the mood of the Pacific. This is Na Pali, the crowning coast of Kauai. Cliffs composed of thousands of ancient lava flows rise up over 2,500 feet and extend along 13 miles of some of the most rugged coastline in the world. As your knowledgeable guide leads you safely along the historic Kalalau Trail, you will learn about Na Pali’s geologic origin, the stories of Kauai’s native plants and animals, and of its cultural past. Coastal valleys, such as Hanakapiai, were settled by some of the island’s early human occupants over 700 years ago. As you hike up valley to its 300-ft waterfall, you will pass archaeological remains of their settlements. Prepare yourself for a paradise of discovery - visual treats, geological catastrophe, botanical struggles, and human exploitation.
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
This out-and-back trail adventure ranges from a moderate 4 mile (round trip) option to Hanakapiai Beach. The weather and trail conditions are highly variable. The trail has many rocks and tree roots and can be muddy and wet. The van leaves from Poipu at 8:00 am, pick ups at hotels is possible and other selected locations, and returns by 6:00 pm. The tour ranges from a 4-mile beach hike to an 8-mile waterfall hike. Includes a fresh deli-lunch, bottled water, snacks, and fruit. Daypacks are provided if needed. Opportunities for swimming. 
Sleeping Giant
                  Hikers Courtesy of TEOKNorfolk Pines Courtesy of
                  TEOKPalm Trees Courtesy of TEOKSleeping Giant Courtesy of TEOK
Sleeping Giant Mountain Excursion
Stroll through one of Kauai's most native botanical settings at the island's beautiful mountain top.
This diverse 4.5 mile point to point traverse over Sleeping Giant (Nounou) Mountain is a surprisingly rich learning adventure. Trek through dense forests of native and exotic plants to a grassy picnic site near the 1,250-ft summit for panoramic views of the entire eastern half of the island. Focusing on Mt. Waialeale - one of the planet's rainiest places - learn how Kauai's geologic history controls its climate and its unique ecosystems. Once, the Wailua River region was the home of Kauai’s ruling chiefs. Now, archaeological remains of the Wailua Heiau Complex (shrines and ceremonial sites) provide an excellent site to discuss the island’s ancient history.
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
This is an easy to moderate point to point 4.5 mile hike up and over Nounou mountain ridge. There is one steep but short ascent to the summit for lunch and incredible views. The trial can be muddy at times with some rocks and tree roots. The van leaves Poipu at 8:00 am possible pick ups at various locations and returns by mid-afternoon. Includes a delicious lunch and a selection of beverages.
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                  TEOKSnorkeling Courtesy of TEOKMahaulepu Courtesy of TEOKDunes Courtesy of TEOK
Witness Kauai's only limestone ledges, formed from ancient sand dunes, with displays of crystal formations and native coastal plants.
Discover history written in lava rock, and natural history treasures eroding out of ancient lithified sand dunes while on this leisurely south shore walk. You’ll experience blessings of island sun and refreshing Trade Winds as history unfolds before your eyes and at your feet. In addition to evidence of the stages of the island’s volcanic growth over the past 5 million years, you’ll see the record of numerous Pleistocene sea level changes over the past 350,000 years. Enter a sinkhole where unearthed fossil-filled sediments reveal a 10,000 year-old scenario of Mahaulepu’s native plants and animals, through fossil pollen, bones and more. See evidence of the impact by humans on the region over the past 1,000+ years. Plus, Green Sea Turtles, Spinner Dolphins, Monk Seals and Humpback Whales can be viewed along the coast most of the year. 
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
This is an easy 2.5 mile, 4 hour walk with little elevation change. You will walk on a trail that is mostly dirt with sandy stretches. Few rocks exist. It is usually fry and sunny with an ocean breeze. Opportunities exist for snorkeling and swimming in the warm waters of Kawailoa Bay.  Hike begins just a few minutes after the 9:00 am Poipu Beach Park pickup. With interpretation and discussion, when you reach the beach cove, your delicious deli-lunch awaits you.
Forest Talk
                  Courtesy of TEOKRob at Nualolo View
                  Courtesy of TEOKForest Hikers Courtesy
                  of TEOK
Uplands Volcano - Mountain Forest Trek
Trek the uplands of Kauai along a stretch of trail early Hawaiians may have used for gathering plants for medicines, lei and building materials. Travel through an evolved, mature, native cloud forest, dry scrubland and mixed wet-dry forest to reach majestic valley and coastal views. See native birds that represent the island’s unique evolutionary web of life. This is the great western slope of Kauai, a remnant of the 5-million-year-old shield volcano that once stood 10,000 feet above sea level and now measures 4,500 feet. View the spectacular 2,500-ft cliffs of Na Pali, evidence of large-scale subsidence and sculpting by catastrophic faults, wave erosion and waterfalls.
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
This is a strenuous hike that varies in length from an out-and-back 9 mile option to a loop of 11 miles. The elevation drop and gain is 1500-1700 feet. The trail can be slippery and wet while in the upland forest to dry and rocky on the edge of the Na Pali. This is an incredible experience that includes a deli-style lunch, drinks, bottled water and snacks are provided. 
Bamboo Hiker
                  Courtesy of TEOKHanakapiai Falls
                  Courtesy of TEOKNa Pali Cliffs Courtesy
                  of TEOKWaterfall Courtesy of TEOK
Custom Adventure & Specialty Tours
You leave as early as necessary for your chosen adventure. Transportation, education, food and equipment, is provided if needed. They cater this one for you. 
808 821-1000Prepare for an exciting experience in the wild of Kauai. Their custom adventure packages are catered to you. They are ready to get started when you are and prepared to end when you wish to. Depending on your hiking abilities, they can offer a variety of excursions to the back country. These hikes are usually more challenging and require more experience in the outdoors. The areas you will go to are usually muddy, rainy and rocky, but they are always places that blow-your-hair-back, so to speak. Selection of destinations may take you through bamboo forests, into mountains with countless waterfalls, along ridges with breathtaking scenery, or to gorgeous beach areas. If you are interested, please contact us about your preferences. 
Naturalist GuidesMahalo Chuck Blay and Robert SiemersGuide Chuck
Chuck BlayNa Pali Cliffs Courtesy of TEOKis a geoscientist with a Ph.D. in geology from Indiana University. Prior to establishing residence on Kauai in 1995 he accumulated over 25 years of teaching, research and consulting as a sedimentary geologist/oceanographer, including 7 years as a university professor, 5 years in industry research and 14 years as an international consultant. During that time he taught professional short courses and conducted research on all of the major continents of the world. His first encounter with Kauai was in the late 70’s and in 1986 he walked and investigated the 111 miles of the island’s perimeter. Since the creation of TEOK (The Edge Of Kauai) Investigations in early 1996 his emphasis has been on the investigation of the integrated aspects of the natural environment of Kauai and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands as well as on the preparation of a book dealing mainly with the natural and cultural histories of Kauai’s coastal zone. The book Kauai’s Geologic History: A Simplified Guide, coauthored with Robert Siemers, provides a comprehensive summary of the geologic origins of the Hawaiian Island and the island of Kauai. Other recently completed studies include Character and Origin of the Beach Sediments of Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii, The History of Drownings on Kauai, 1970-Present” and Probable Source of Hilo’s Famous Naha Stone”. Among other studies he is at present investigating the Lithified Sand Dunes of Kauai’s Mahaulepu Coastal Area and the Character of Coral/Algal Fringing Reefs of Kauai.
Ellen CoulombeNa Pali Cliffs Courtesy of
                    TEOKreceived a Masters Degree in plant science and genetics from Virginia Tech University in 1987. Her graduate research work involved the use of plant tissue culture for the isolation of stress-tolerant species. She then worked for several years in the commercial seed industry improving, through breeding and selection, the yield and agronomic characteristics of major mainland crops. Since moving to Kauai in 1995 she has been involved in the preservation of native tropical plants, donating her time to the Natural Resource Conservation Program, a state funded program focused on the elimination of invasive weedy species from Hawaii’s forests. Between expeditions for TEOK Tours, Ellen works as an interpreter and plant specialist for Olu Pua Gardens, a privately owned botanical garden. But her special interest is in evolution, one of the hottest areas of scientific research today. Fortunately, the islands of Hawaii are a natural laboratory for the study of plant and animal speciation.
Robert SiemersNa Pali Cliffs Courtesy of
                    TEOKis an artist with a keen interest in natural systems. He possesses Bachelor of Art degrees in Physical Geography and Environmental Conservation from the University of Colorado in Boulder and the University of Wollongong in Australia. Interested in conservation and the natural sciences, Robert strives to expand his knowledge of our surrounding environment and incorporate his findings into visual presentations that expand consciousness and promotes awareness. As an explorer, hiker, kayaker and photographer, he has become intimately familiar with the many trails and adventures on Kauai. He has a great passion for the scenic and environmental diversity found in the Hawaiian Archipelago. As a cartographer and graphic designere, he has contributed maps, books and signage programs to further enhance the appreciation and respect for our fragile island ecosystems.
Here are 2 recently published items that you might want to purchase:
Kauai's Geologic History
                  by Chuck Blay and Robert Siemers"Kauai's Geologic History" by Chuck Blay & Robert Siemers
ISBN 0-9744723-0-1 Available at Borders Book Store on Kauai (Copyright © 2004)
You may also purchase it directly from Chuck or Robert @ 808 742-8305.  Tell them Lilikoi said Aloha :)

Kauai Visitors Atlas
                    by Robert Siemers"Kaua'i Visitors Atlas" by Robert Siemers (Copyright © 2004)
ISBN 0-9744723-1-X Also Available at Borders Book Store on Kauai
You may also purchase it directly from Chuck or Robert @ 808 742-8305.
This is the best map on Kauai that includes Recreational Maps (Beaches, Hiking, Snorkeling, Golf, Camping, & Surfing), Place Names Map, Detailed Road Atlas, Archaeology Map, Geology Map, Climate Maps. and Island Information.  Also includes an Inset Map of Koke'e State Park.  You will be impressed!

Kauai Nature Tours
Call 808 742-8305 or email: Chuck Blay for Kauai Nature Tours reservations today!
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I do it? Any reasonably fit person can undertake the hikes we provide. Hikes accommodate the varying fitness levels of our hikers. Each adventure can be modified to better suit your level. After all, the idea of a hike is to enjoy the amazing environments we have on Kauai and allow you the opportunity to learn as much as you wish while you explore them.

What is included in the trip price?
- Transportation - depends on your hiking destination and your accommodations.
- Lunch - A delicious and generous amount of food. (see below)
- Gear - Backpacks, Rain gear (if needed), Binoculars, Towels
- AND - A memorable educational experience about the unique cultural and natural history of our beautiful isolated Hawaiian island.

Who will be guiding the trip? Guides are naturalists, scientists (Geologists and Botanists), and art historians, teachers authors, photographers, cartographers, and environmentalists with extensive background studying the Hawaiian Archipelago. They share their knowledge generously, ensuring that your trip is an extraordinary adventure.

What should I bring?  If you have a favorite day pack, bring it! Please don't forget SUNSCREEN. Depending on which hike you choose, a swim suit is a good idea, but not necessary. Certainly, a CAMERA and extra film would be a fine addition. A hat and sunglasses are good ideas as well.

GROUP SIZE?  By design, our groups are kept small. We hike with groups ranging from one person to ten people.

FOOTWEAR ?  We recommend that you wear comfortable, yet sturdy shoes. RUNNING-SHOES are OK, but hiking boots are the best thing you could wear. Something that can provide additional ankle support. We realize that boots take up a large portion of your suitcase, however, if you own HIKING-BOOTS and plan on hiking while visiting the island, we believe that HIKING-BOOTS are the way to go!

LUNCH ?  - Lunch - Their lunches are first rate. Sandwiches are catered by the DALI Deli in Old Koloa Town. They use only fresh ingredients. If you have any dietary requirements or are a vegetarian, they will do their best to suit your needs. Also included are: Drinks - Bottled water, Tropical Fruit Drinks, Sodas ~ Snacks - Granola Bars, Fruit, Cookies, Chips.

TEOK Member OfTEOK Member OfTEOK Member Of

TEOK Guided Natures ToursClick here for a Basic Kauai Reference MapSmall Kauai Map
                    Logo Courtesy of TEOK
Text & Images on this page are all generously shared by Kauai Nature Tours.  Enjoy! ~ Mahalo Chuck Blay
Again, please take a moment to sign my .  Let me know what your specific interests and needs are and together we can create an itinerary that will optimize your fun on Kauai.  I deeply appreciate your patience,feedback and value your trust.  If you wish to phone me directly, the current time in Hawaii is displayed below, along with the current Kauai temperature. 

Click for Lihue, Hawaii Forecast  Phone Lililkoi at 808 821-1000 ~ Mahalo

Kauai Nature Tours
Call 808 742-8305 or emaii: Chuck Blay for Kauai Nature Tours reservations today!
When on Kauai, call (808) 245-3564 for a easy update from the National Weather Forecast at Lihue Airport
Current Kauai Time & Temperature
Click for Lihue, Hawaii Forecast
Enjoy your time on the Garden Island, be alert and patient on our roads and hope this web page has helped you build beautiful memories.
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