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Since 1997, has provided visitors, as well as local residents with information about Kauai, whether it is booking just one activity or complete vacation itineraries before your arrival or while you are on island. There are no fees for our services. We promote reputable and experienced vendors on Kauai who over the years have received wonderful feedback. Our service offers honest ratings from a local's perspective, taking into consideration the feedback we've received, ultimately giving you the special attention you deserve. Mahalo Nui Loa
Please feel free to leave a voice message for Jennifer: (808) 652-9417 for any activity reservations. Mahalo
Recipes of Aloha
Aloha everyone ... I have been assisting visitors to the Garden Island since 1997. I want to let you know that I am finally beginning the process of semi retirement this year. You will begin finding direct links to our most trusted and respected Kauai Vendors along with enjoying the helpful free island information that you have grown accustom to. I will be happily caring for my twin grand daughters and will have more time for my other grand daughter who does not live on Kauai. Mahalo for your kind support and business all these years. Mahalo, Lilikoi

When on Kauai, call (808) 245-3564 for a easy update from the National Weather Forecast at Lihue Airport

Click Here For:  Kauai Fine DiningLocal Grinds, Kauai Open Farmers Markets, Kauai Grocery Listings, or Kauai Fish Markets
Listings are subject to change without notice but will try our best to update if the restaurants inform us.
Kauai Dining Art Shopping Magazine also has an iApp now. Totally Awesome!
Browse the app store, search Kauai Dining, it's FREE! Yay!
Courtesy of Kauai
                      Dining Art Shopping Magazine (Mahalo June)

(I appreciate any comments: (Feedback):

These PDFs might be of interest to those concerned about GMO products or harmful Pesticides:
How To Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms [GMOs]
You'll be surprised to learn that not all Hawaiian Papayas are GMO free :( so best to get 
those at the Farmer's Markets (also ask the farmers too) unless they are labeled GMO free at the Grocery Stores. 
and Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce

For all you Foodies on Kauai ... check this out:
Click Here: Breadfruit Festival Program PDF

Lilikoi's Avocado Pie Recipe (Pdf of Recipe)

1. 1 large avocado (about 2 cups cubed avocado chunks)
2. 8 oz. cream cheese softened on counter top
3. 1/4 c. fresh lime juice  juice (lemon juice too, I use the juice of a small lime) whatever amount & kind of taste you prefer
4. 9" pie crust of your choice 
5. Use Organic Blue Agave to sweeten to taste
6. You may also add a little Organic sugar to taste or if you prefer honey or maple syrup. (I like Agave best) ... your preference

1. Beat avocado and cream cheese. Add lime juice. (I find using a Cuisinart or any large food processor is the easiest method)
2. Turn into pre baked and cooled pie shell.
3. Chill about 3 hours before serving.
4. Serve it with freshly whipped Heavy Whipping Cream (small carton) 

A helpful tip:
1. I you decide on a regular pastry pie crust. Bake it with either a pastry cloth or you can use parchment on the empty shell.
2. Throw some raw rice or any kind of grain on top of that while it bakes.
3. This way your crust doesn't slump and fall down. It will still taste delicious but it will look beautiful when you share it at a potluck!

Enjoy and Impress your friends! Love, Lilikoi
Revised and adapted recipe by Lilikoi, © 8/19/12

Here are Avocados that grew out of our compost pile and produced these amazing avocados in 2012
The reason I decided to return to making Avocado Pies :) Something I loved doing over 30 years ago.
They were especially creamy, buttery, with no strings which makes for a melt in your mouth pie!
Let's take a departure from Kale ... here's a SUPER TIP for any lover of Avocados
Which we have an abundance of on Kauai! Yay!
Use a hand blender and toss in a small or large amount of a perfectly ripe avocado to thicken ANY soup.
It really doesn't alter the flavor much but is nutritious and you don't need to use flour, cornstarch, or any dairy.
You'll be surprised to taste such a luscious and creamy soup! Enjoy!

This soup was made with the water drained from Chick Peas after I made Hummus
So I called it Chick Pea Chick Soup with Avocado to thicken it!

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year 2012)!  01/09/12
So sorry that I have not kept up with this. Enjoy! ... It's of course still alll about the benefits of Kale!
"Green Kale Julius" Recipe(Pdf of Recipe)

Created by Chef Lilikoi for your healthy breakfast drink in 2012!
Hau`oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year 2012)! 

[Organic or Local Fruits where possible]

Juice these who in your juicer:

Citrus: about 1-2 Cups of Tangerines, Oranges, or Tangelos
(peeled and seeded as much as possible)

1-2 Apples (we use Fuji or Green Granny)

Add in and use a Hand Blender:

1 Cup (Frozen Kale, spine removed and pounded into flakes)

1-2 Frozen Bananas 

* This is an excellent breakfast. Serve it in a wine glass and your husband will 

drink it! No dairy and no ice needed!

* Feel free to add anything else you have in abundance: pears, kiwi, mangoes are excellent, star fruit, lilikoi 
...  just about any fruit is fine to taste. If you are off island and have local cantalopes and honeydew, that works!
Don’t have frozen bananas, no problem, just add strawberries or blueberries but the banana is key.

2/21/2011 - I was thinking about what recipe I want to share next and I decided that it would be something that I love and eat on a regular basis 3, maybe 4 times a week. Something healthy, yet so easy that you all can make it when you return home.  As I was working into the wee hours of the morning on my update link above, I found another version of my Lomi Lomi Kale recipe in their magazine. I just polished off a huge bowl of it and it's absolutely divine! The magazine pages are easy to navigate through and you will find it (along with a great Pineapple Salsa recipe) here on Page 113! I will post my Lomi Lomi Kale recipe in March. Enjoy, Lilikoi

Lilikoi's Version of "Lomi Lomi Kale" Recipe (Pdf of Recipe)
Lilikoi's Version of Lomi
                  Lomi Kale 2011

Created by Lilikoi in Jan of 2011 (after experiencing this tasty salad made by a friend named Kainoa at a Christmas party)
One Big Healthy Bunch of Curley Kale makes enough to feed at least 6 people

Lomi Lomi Kale
(Lilikoi's Version) 2011

Basic Ingredients:
1. Organic Kale (Curly or Dinosaur "Lacinato Hybrid")
2. Juice of fresh Lime or Lemon
3. 1 clove garlic or more to your desired palate
4. minced red onion or you choice of any type of onion
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil "EVO"
6. Bragg's liquid Aminos
7. Balsamic Vinegar of your choice
8. Salt (optional)
9. Ground or Fresh Pepper (optional)
10. Veggies of your choosing

Lilikoi's Basic Ingredients:

1. All of the above ingredients (I use a variety of Balsamics, including
white, blackberry, pomegranite, and ginger pear). Also may add a touch
of roasted sesame olive oil. You can use whatever you have on hand.
2. Grape Tomatoes (sliced)
3. Japanese or English variety of Cucumbers (large dice)
4. Baby Organic Carrots (sliced)
5. Sweet Baby Bell Peppers (sliced) "orange, red, yellow"
6. Sautιed Mushrooms (in olive oil not butter)
7. Creamy Feta or Goat Cheese works well too

1. Remove Kale leaves from spine
2. Wash & Spin Dry
3. Sautι Mushrooms in EVO (here you can salt & pepper them and add more garlic if you wish.
4. Slice/Chop into ribbons - about 1/4 - 1/2 inch, however you like it
5. add carrots, cucumbers, sweet baby bells, garlic, & onions
6. Drench with juice of whole , fresh lime or lemon
7. To taste: Drizzle EVO, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, Balsamics
8. Massage the Kale Mix until all ingredients are incorporated evenly
9. You can now lightly toss in your tomatoes, sautιed mushrooms, & feta or goat cheese.
10.Because I LOVE sautιed Mushrooms, I always add this ingredient if I have it.
11.Serve immediately or Chill for later (this will keep in your refrigerator for at least 3 or ore days but my batch always last no more than 2 days before it's devoured!

* Use your imagination and add whatever you want to the final recipe. I have tossed in sautιed prawns, served it with leftover chicken, quinoa, hard boiled eggs, or Alaskan salmon. If you are allergic to vinegar, use lime or lemon juice only. Experiment and have fun. Try using fresh Lilikoi juice. Always best to use a high quality stainless steel knife as you'll avoid browned edges for any leafy green.

Other Variations: Okinawan Sweet Potato, Tofu, Butternut Squash. Nuts of all kinds ... I have used roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), cashews, roasted macadamia nuts, and pine nuts. Toss in some fresh basil or any herbs you like. Green onions and fresh dill can add a nice twist. It can be a side dish or a whole meal. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed some Lau Lau at your Luau ... give this healthy version a try:

Chicken & Fish "Lau Lau Wrapped in Kale" Recipe (Pdf of Recipe)
Lilikoi's 1st
                  Kale Lau Lau batch using string ...Getting ready to steam them in a stainless steel
                  pot - no imu at home :(Not the best image
                  but Lau Lau is steaming now :)
Created by Lilikoi 01/28/11
Makes 10 Lau Lau
* There is an abundance of Organic Kale at the Farmer's Markets, Papaya's Natural Food Store, and Hoku Whole Foods.

2 or more Big Bunches fresh Kale leaves picked off ribs (if it's easier to wrap, you can wilt the kale with hot water)
10 Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs
Salmon or butterfish, cut in 10 (1-2) inch pcs 
Lightly sprinkle Rock Salt (or any Hawaiian Salt Mix) on top of chicken & fish
12 – 15 Large Ti leaves (cleaned and deboned) or use parchment (with aluminum foil over it if you want to)
A drizzling of sesame oil & EVO is optional. Just depends if you decide to use the skin of fish & chicken. 
* I use Salmon or butterfish as they are oilier fish.

Wash the Ti leaves thoroughly.  Remove stem & fibrous part of veins by pulling gently with the tip of a knife from the stem out to the base of the leaves.
(Those of you back home in the states can use parchment) Place chicken and fish on a flat tray. Sprinkle just one side with the salt. (Or you can place chicken in a bowl and work together). I tend to use less salt by just salting 1 side, especially for the fish. Optional: Drizzle with sesame & olive oil (I used Roasted Japanese Sesame Olive Oil).  Arrange lots of Kale leaves, the largest on the bottom. Place chicken with fat side up if you leave the skin on. Place fish on top of chicken. Fold leaves over chicken & fish to create a bundle (puolo). Place lau lau on the end of a Ti leaf & wrap tightly. Wrap another Ti leaf around in the opposite direction, thereby forming a flat package.(or use parchment and form a bundle tucking it in Chinese butcher style) With Ti leaves you don’t really need string as you can tuck the stem through the rib to secure it. Place all bundles in a steamer. As soon as water is boiling, turn heat to low. Steam lau lau 1.5 to 2 hrs. (It's really important to check the level of water in the pot as it boils down really fast) Remove string before serving. Serve hot with steamed rice or poi if you can find it .

Use your imagination. You can substitute the chicken for pork, the fish for any other type of fish, preferably an oilier fish. Here in Hawaii, we also make Lau Lau with the purple Okinawan Sweet Potato but you can use regular sweet potatoes or butternut squash. I was thinking today that eggplant might be a good alternative. I guess I had better try it before I suggest it. I actually ran out of chicken the other day and made a few with only salmon. The beauty of not having to use the taro leaves is that it shortens the prep and cooking time. Keep in mind that fish cooks faster than chicken, and of course chicken faster than pork. Have fun and hope it turns out ONO (tasty/delicious)!

Courtesy of Kauai Beach Explorer
Submitted by: Veronica on Sunday, March 20, 2011 11:16 PM 
Comments - RE: Lau Lau Wrapped in Kale Recipe, I think it's a great idea to use kale. I live in California so it's hard to get taro leaves. Anyway, I was wondering if I can use aluminum foil instead of parchment paper. Also, have you ever tried baking them instead of steaming? 
Answer: Aluminum foil would work fine and baking it would too. I tend to try not to use aluminum foil as much as I can but realize that parchment can be a bit pricey. I created the recipe just as close as the real lau lau so that the recipe could be as authentic as possible. Kale doesn't need to cook as long as taro leaves. Have fun with it. So happy that you read the new recipes page :). I wasn't sure how it would be received.
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